Monday, 15 March 2010


After most negi tutorial ever this appeared on my facebook, i am capable of good things.Its a award i got for my work last year at college and now the colledge are using me as an exemplary student to advertise the course.I've been propper photo-shopped weres are my red cheeks.A period of rest is over and i'm back on the sunshine horse.

During his time at the College, Daniel got involved with various extra-curricular activities and was one of the key students who founded, curated and ran, ‘A Lovely Art Gallery’ at Blackburn’s Pavilions. This project was a huge success and brought culture to the local area.

Dan, who is also the drummer in Manchester group, Brown Orange Blue Band, said: “My classmate and I independently approached Blackburn Council to see what help was available for creating an art exhibition for the people of Blackburn by the people of Blackburn.”

Also check out the gallery myspace,  the funny person who hacked it  managed to do it again, puck you! you negi bastard!We did some amazing things for Blackburn. Was there really any need, we worked pretty much full time maintaining it, somedays 9am till past midnight,  whilst doing our college courses aswell.You won't beat me down that even includes Jackal and  Soudal (whos got some mint photos going up in Blackpool tower)


Saturday, 13 March 2010


CHOPPIN WOOD: here is the mastered demo from Daniel Fiasco thanks a bunch .He also writes a great deal of good stories on his blog
It has five songs on it which now have names, i think thats totally incadental, to be honest i don't know.It is the combined effort of Simon Frazer, Dan Hunt, Rich Hall and myself.We've had a string of gigs recently more photographs to follow,that have contributed to my no work ..I put a stupid amount of effort in and i'm proud of what the result is.
1.hey lad i'm your dad
2.don't touch my hair i have alopecia
3.them gypsies probably got knives you think this brick shit house was built in a day