Friday, 27 January 2012


A test with a intervalometer, a fish eye and some poscas markers.The intervalometer was taking flics every 10 seconds.The drawing was done over two days with a brief hospital trip inbetween.If you look closely one the frames you can see my bruised tongue were i bit it fitting.The image is made up of two composits of the human head, made up of a multitude of other smaller heads.Stemming from some work I had been doing for Baptist and Bootleggers inspired by Dante's Devine Comedy.Its been really good getting ingrosed in these writhing forms as i imagine the summing up of all my insecurities and shortcomings in one maluble form.Of course 'hell' is a romantic idea of torment created for masochists to revel in and those easily lead to be indoctrinated into.Aside from this it doesn't detract from the real torment in reality that humans are capable of cognitivily and physicaly.

Hell from Daniel Watson on Vimeo.

I felt confirmed in my conviction to finish it, knowing that i had been robbed a day and had to give the space to someone else.The whole experience of making the work finite, by destroying it almost instantaneously was very modestly carthartic .I like that.It would be sweet to do some more of these thinking about the production abit more.Perhaps if i ever can afford a better laptop and if the autocratic S.O.A.P.A laws havn't destroyed the internet for everyone.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First post this anum

Its been a productive few days, as procrastanation is one of the greatest incentives to create i have .I have managed to start knocking at drawings again at some pace too, hopefully i'll fill a little book.Plans this week are too get in the studio early and set up for a week of staggering drawing intensity.I plan to fill the entire darkspace in uni with similar drawings to these i have been working on, I'm going to be using chalk pens and poscas again because it would be torturous to do with fineliners.Plus I have to be in and out in a week.I like the rough quality i've acheived before just by simly resizing stupidly small drawings into larger sizes.Tommorow armed with intevalometer (a photo remote that you can put on a timer),a borrowed fish eye lense and a d.slr i plan to make a stop motion of the entire process.

Daniel Watson, (2012), wiggle [black uniball eye fineliner, on cartidge paper ]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 12].

Daniel Watson, (2012), wiggle head [black uni-ball fineliner on cartidge paper]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 12].

Daniel Watson, (2012), Design for Baptists and Bootleggers compilation inlay [black uni-ball fineliner on cartridge paper]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 12].



Props to ex interactive arts James Moffat and current interactive artist Callum Higgins for creating such a mint opertunity for visual and sound artists.They gave me the chance to produce an illustration to be given away on the launch night of their first release.The last image is the idea i settled on, losely based on a quote from Dante Alighieri's Devine comedy "New torments and new tormented souls I see around me wherever I move, and howsoever I turn, and wherever I gaze.")


They are a new independent non-profit record label and publishers of art and literature.Big things to come from these lads.

Thursday 9th February 2012 -ISLINGTON MILL -FREE ENTRY
//Go Lebanon//
Go Lebanon is an ever changing collective of musicians who like playing very loudly and don't worry too much about who they sound like.

//Borland//The elctronic duo of Ian Breen and Robert Gregg. "Mixing bits of that whole Witch House scene with more typical, Four Tet style influences to create something that is much better than most of the acts hyped on every other blog." - Drowned In Sound

//Veí//Veí is the alias of multi-instrumentalist, producer and former 'Kin' keyboardist Jonn Dean. Veí's sound is awash with samples of orchestral and world instruments mixed with complex percussion and lo-fi beats

With Baptists & Bootleggers DJs and Mind On Fire DJs
This will also be your first chance to get your hands on a copy of the labels debut release for FREE!!!