Sunday, 18 April 2010

Academic Anum

This year has past to quickly, just as I’ve started to get into been at university the end of term is looming. I don’t feel as though I took as good of an advantage I could of this year, I made some very stupid mistakes. The most valuable thing I’ve learnt is just to come in more instead of just when it’s strictly necessary. The course runs as much unofficially as it does officially. It took me while to realise that interactive arts was more about been a functioning community of artists, as much as it was a course. There is always something going on or been planned outside of university.

My main regret is that I didn’t get involved with the link gallery next term Ryan has said I can help with witch I’m looking forward to. Been involved with the Abandon Normal Devices festival has put me in touch with organizer which might come in handy this summer if we get the gallery space in Blackburn again for a few weeks. Jacks coming back up with people from his course and were we plan to do a joint exhibition that should hopefully be reciprocated down in London. It’s something to do with his manifesto that he’s compiling together. I’m hoping Europe is going to be inspiring I haven’t been abroad since I was ten and views on the world have change quiet a bit since then. I’m hoping its going to be fruitful I’m getting some super eight film for my camera, and borrowing a dictaphone.I want to try and record as much as possible, and I should be able to borrow someone’s laptop to blog it when out there too. I want to come back to university with a decent body of work that I’m proud of.

Saturday, 17 April 2010

found images

I've recently aquired a thirst for finding photos and interesting bits of card on the floor, i think its a posture problem thats becoming quiete beneficial.

Compositions compiled and found nothing profound.