Sunday, 23 December 2012

test strip

A4- 12 panel drawing in 0.1and 0.3 fine liner, originaly on fluorescent yellow paper, but I couldn't get colour to digitally produce well.Thats the cool thing about fluorescent colours

This is a short strip I gave to  my girlfriend.In truth its the first strip I have ever done.I am very much new to 'sequential art' as Will Eisner would put it.Not that I would want prescribe to art, or saying what I make is art.Ive not put this up to discuss that. Drawing events in frames gave me a completely different perspective on life. Suddenly I began to see whole periods of time or moods by a singular image that may just represent a thought or a feeling. Dabbling in trying to see everything as moments in time and space in frames, makes you interpret the world in a quiet staggered way.Fluidity is something that comes across with the engagement of the viewer and that is a really powerful thing.I haven't read many graphic novels but most of it I have managed to enjoy everything. Most of witch have been leant to me by my housemate James.This assumed on the idea that James who scoffed at me for 'liking everything' has no doubt sifted through some poo to get some gems.I recently finished 'Habibi' by Craig Thompson which blew my mind he also leant me Ken Dahl's - 'Monsters' which is currently lodged in a unreachable place behind the radiator in bathroom.I'd like to say that I am opposed to the read-poo-poo-read culture it claims countless casualties.Click the links for more information about the mentioned persons.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

elephants ..

I've been trying to complete a load of un-finished drawings this one of an elephant is A3 gonna, done in  0.3 fine liner.Photograph quality not all that great. Gonna place some sweet mandalas behind it .
Also check out this sweet link to medieval bestiary.

Monday, 3 December 2012


A few frames from my current animation .Unfortunately its not the entirety of the image.For idea of the whole image see previous post.I want it to appear like a mandala of flesh writhing an wriggling around is my intention.I thought it would be appropriate bit of animation for my new band 'OLD SKIN' we've got a song called 'Growth - Decay' which is available for free to DOWNLOAD from this website website layout done by Dom from Esoteric Youth & V-Revolution  associates. As a band were going for things we apreciate from  powerviolence, grind and straight up riff worship.Nothing you haven't heard before just lowsy lowsy noise.The lyrics cover the cyclical nature of the existence, the impact of humanities existence on the globe, and how the Gaia or something like it will cull our wretched species . The song is only a minute or so long so its almost perfect for a short bit of animation.I wanna get 24 frames per second but its gonna be tough but so worth it in the end.I've got ten frames down already it should be something for the winter months.If anyone has any ideas of what features to include in this mammoth task as i will need quiete a few i would love to hear from you.
                                            maker gif

Friday, 16 November 2012

'Going a Maying' in November

'Going A Maying' Nov 2012 Drawing in red fineliner, in interpretation and collaboration with Josh Horsely 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Free Wall at Chorlton 'Super Snail'  image by Skeen 

Scabby face

A long time it has been since my last post.The amazing anti-climax of finishing my degree, the absence of any employment, combined with the internet been cut off has really halted me from been present in posting stuff.I struggle been 'one of den guys' who uses his laptop at a cafe and probably always will.So now as i sit in my parents house and use there internet without shame.I'll try and think why am here and how privileged and happy I am to be alive. Last thursday i arrived at Odder bar before it opened.I'd started a flying job the week before.It pays a pittance but its cash in hand and you get to flirt with people all day. I gauped, as many did at the BBC building been torn down by mandible jaws.Stripped from the inside out by a man operated monster.Its so engrossing to watch destruction. The fragile balance between what is considered permanent and finite inter-weaving rapidly kept people stood there all day.Talking Head's 'Once in a life time' was playing over the p.a ' Same as it ever was.. same as it ever was..'I've always enjoyed that line its something that repeats and repeats in my head a lot.David Byrne always contradicts himself in his songs it keeps things in perspective.'In the future' is good for this too.As i sat there, i can remember vividly the overwhelming feeling of content.Thinking that my life is well worth living and how i should enjoy it more.
There are two things that could of happened.I could of just lost control and my front tyre popped from the impact of me landing on top of it.Or the preferred version that keeps my masculinity intact, is that I had a blowout lost control couldn't get my feet of my straps in time. Ultimately though the outcome was the same.I went or'e the bars and bit the road with my teeth.I lost my front top tooth and made the other one into a razor sharp, paper thin stub. Luckily i must of ripped out the nerve on impact so it didn't feel to shit straight away. The scab that was and is my face, is a big scab that went down from my nose across my lips stopping briefly at my mouth and then connecting again on my chin.Like Brundell Fly Im keeping tabs on the bits of my face that are falling off.Each day a piece moves or flakes off, like the breaking up of Pangea to form the separate conjealed continents.My friend Sam sugested that I should use the pieces to make a collage of scabs depicting my own face.I think I'm going to do that. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL

Monday, 18 June 2012

Prints for Sale

Watson, D. 'Man-head' Watson, D. (2012) A1 'Man-head blend ' . [image online] Available at: [Accessed: 18, June 2012]. This week i will be selling my prints at cafe space at the Holden Gallery.I'm trying to raise funds for a screen printing bed and food for the energy to carry on making.If you would like to take home one of these lovely A1 fluorescent man-head prints there available for £2.The A1 'Hell' prints (Black on White and White on Black) on incredibly good paper are available for £5. Watson, D. A1 'Man-head's Watson, D. (2012) A1 'Man-head' . [image online] Available at: [Accessed: 18, June 2012]. Watson, D. 'Hell' Watson, D. (2012) A1 'Black on White and White on Black' . [image online] Available at: [Accessed: 18, June 2012].

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Narcissist On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

I got ask by a friend James Clayton to draw something for his tape release. He performs and writes music under the name of Crywank. I met him when I was in my first year of university, .I knew no one in Manchester then. The place were James lived 'Da Bunker' became a home for me as It did for many people. I loathed halls and its cellular existence. II praise the grim comfort of mong bed the desperate finiteness of pizza narnia. Thee place never really slept nor saw the light of the day. I gained a lot of firm friendships from been there and meeting the people passing through.

His second album to which these two drawings were made “Narcissist on the Verge of Mental Breakdown” covers some vast topics. Its much more intrinsic than his last album. For me in many ways better. Its not just his ability to write well crafted songs but his intellect too that really shines through on these recordings. His music is reminiscent of the evil twin of Charley Manson, accept from if he wasn't evil just plain rad.

He says about it ... “ Most of the songs are about coping with and de-constructing my sadness, some are about odd things that happened in my past, and others are just about people and scenes. They where mostly fuelled by stupid dark thoughts, and through song writing I’ve tried to get past them.”

LOANDOAD his album for free
LOANDOAD his album for free

These two drawings were done with 0.05- 0.3 fine liners.The first was just an idea i didn't like.I just really like the compesition.The second drawing was the one i speant alot of time with.I'm happy with the detail thers dogs, demons,dicks, naked ladies naked men,mandallas swelling forms etc.I like how informed it appears to be whilst i have little knowledge of what has made up the content until looking back later.Like for instance i don't remember drawing a little seagull, i don't know why i would.Its there and there it will stay if no one else sees it, it won't matter.

Quote taken from

Saturday, 7 April 2012



This was drawn over the Vernal Equinox (wich signals the British spring time).This is an important time and is recognized by most religions.In the past and the present this time has been represented with the new life that comes with the change in seasons.Heirs,eggs, lambs and lets not forget the death and re-birth of Christ in Masoniac traditions.The celebration of passover in Judaism.In the pagan calender it is also a very prominent festivalThe Pagan goddess of spring and renewal is called Oestar, from the Scandinavian "Ostra"and the Teutonic "Ostern"or"Eastre" who were both Goddesses symbolizing spring and fertility. These goddesses were honoured on the vernal or spring equinox.The Phoenicians called her Astarte. The Assyrians and Babylonians called her Ishtar which is pronounced just as the Enlish word "Easter".
And in Europe she was known as Ostrara.

When looking at what may of motivated the shape of this drawing.I considered the moon.The vernal equinox also heralds in the changing of a new moon.Whilst cycling home one night.I think it was on the Friday that Uni was locked up, I looked up at the moon at this point it was at crecent.I was mulling over the idea as i looked at it.Possibly the reason why I was so anctious and not knowing whether I was coming or going, was possibly seasonal.Thinking that i could be subject to the same sturings that are aroused in nature in spring, i slept on it.The next day it was clear as I walked out in to Chorlton high street and also in town.The moon and the change in seasons have a profound effect on people.I noticed everyones behaviour was irratic, it was absolute murder cycling on the roads, cars just pulling out all over the place.

The new moon came on the 6th April and its as though there is a re-sumed calm to the world.

Thanks too

Monday, 26 March 2012

Okaisional Cafe

This is work was produced at the Okaisional cafe Game Cock Inn in Hulme.It was set some fifteen years ago as a collective. "The OKasional Cafe is a squatted space which holds a daily cafe, regular vegan meals and functions as a radical space for meetings, organising actions, workshops and events. Recently we were at the ‘Gamecock Pub’ on Boundary Lane on 25th February – 18th March 2012. OKcafe usually runs for 2 – 4 weeks with several months break between each cafe."

It was gratifying to be in a space were there was a different dynamic on property.The space was anyones, to do so as they pleased.Aside from this apparent lack of structure there was one that was solid.Solid in the sense were no one had an authoritive privilidge to overide antother.Here group decisions are made on consensus.Still with me, heres a link to the 'safer spaces policy'

I've never been made to feel more welcome.It was awesome to be in a situation like this.Watching the point of any heirachical sturcture just piss down the drain.I learnt that basis of any heirachy even art school.Does nothing but supress creative expression.Constrained by taste.Imprisoned by aesthetics that just copy and recipricate old values.The ideas of Post post-modernism or metamodernism topple in on itself like a deck of cards.At least with modernism out look on life was optimistic.Its seems devoid of worth to base everything on irony on,on cynacism on irony of irony.Folding in on itself quicker and quicker as it tries to envelope everything thoughts will become useless, subsequently art will become useless.

Victims of our all knowing pluratity we will see our selves as gods.Actively encouraged to have dual lives existing on interactive planes that remove ourselves from real human contact.

Am i myself, or am I comodity for people to apreciate and de-apreciate.I couldn't possibly just be me, could I.Should I asign myself to a defined era, should i approiate myself to a people or a fashion.Maybe the best option is to just merge my identity with existing themes.This seems to be an approach valued by this world, so called icons and phenomina of the present.

Its not enough to be presented with the spectacle every minute of everyday.We are encouraged to become a brand ourselves.To become a projecting part of it.The prophecy of social networking made good the use of valueing emotions as a comodity.
The utopian ideals of self governence and collective autonomy promised by the internet are falsities.A life contained within the boundaries of a screen is emblimatic of our current predicameant.In its appeal to connect the entire world is its subtlty of its oppression.Direct marketabillity to the left and too the right of your visual lives.

Even if you can ignore the pestering objects of desire encroaching on what appears to be your life on screen.Projecting a false ego on to others and onto ourselves is in fact a hard task.It takes so much time to make sure your brand stands out over the infinite plethera of others. Its cripplingly compelling human tendency to relate and to feel related too.These feelings that used to be tangible can be relfected in some type Orwelian new-speak ('like','dis-like' 'dig').

All that has come of the new freedom promised by the internet has now become an infinite plane of opression.The binery form we invented for our computers has now become our lives.Online or Offline.

The 'ACTA Laws'allowing the U.S govt, carte blanche internationaly to seize assets, shows how a ounce utopian ideal of cyber space has become forced under the constraints of the physical world.Under the guise of the never ending 'War on Terror', the U.K govt plans to extend its Anti-terror legislation for U.K national security.Under these new aplications of this despotic law we have our emails,texts and website visits monitered.Recently too the anti-squatting legislation has criminalised the occupying of residential property.

My hope is that this would lead to more sub-versive action.People re-claiming space on mass.Especially places were corporate interests are heald in higher regard than the rights of individuals.Certainly the Reclaim and the Occupy movement are testament to this.

O.k cafe and the people i met there were enlightening.On a localized level people can exist in a community of peace and freedom without fear of opression.

Pleas follow and support

Monday, 27 February 2012

Builders Totem

I made a builders totem for a exhibition heald whilst i was away in the link galllery.It was drawn intermitenly over two days.I like that builders bottom is at the top.Not sure how long this stayed up for but for a few hours watching the builders and chilling with Arisu was a good way to speand the last bit of limited time i had before setting off for Europe.A rolling gif of the exhibition that doesn't work on blogger can be found at

Friday, 27 January 2012


A test with a intervalometer, a fish eye and some poscas markers.The intervalometer was taking flics every 10 seconds.The drawing was done over two days with a brief hospital trip inbetween.If you look closely one the frames you can see my bruised tongue were i bit it fitting.The image is made up of two composits of the human head, made up of a multitude of other smaller heads.Stemming from some work I had been doing for Baptist and Bootleggers inspired by Dante's Devine Comedy.Its been really good getting ingrosed in these writhing forms as i imagine the summing up of all my insecurities and shortcomings in one maluble form.Of course 'hell' is a romantic idea of torment created for masochists to revel in and those easily lead to be indoctrinated into.Aside from this it doesn't detract from the real torment in reality that humans are capable of cognitivily and physicaly.

Hell from Daniel Watson on Vimeo.

I felt confirmed in my conviction to finish it, knowing that i had been robbed a day and had to give the space to someone else.The whole experience of making the work finite, by destroying it almost instantaneously was very modestly carthartic .I like that.It would be sweet to do some more of these thinking about the production abit more.Perhaps if i ever can afford a better laptop and if the autocratic S.O.A.P.A laws havn't destroyed the internet for everyone.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

First post this anum

Its been a productive few days, as procrastanation is one of the greatest incentives to create i have .I have managed to start knocking at drawings again at some pace too, hopefully i'll fill a little book.Plans this week are too get in the studio early and set up for a week of staggering drawing intensity.I plan to fill the entire darkspace in uni with similar drawings to these i have been working on, I'm going to be using chalk pens and poscas again because it would be torturous to do with fineliners.Plus I have to be in and out in a week.I like the rough quality i've acheived before just by simly resizing stupidly small drawings into larger sizes.Tommorow armed with intevalometer (a photo remote that you can put on a timer),a borrowed fish eye lense and a d.slr i plan to make a stop motion of the entire process.

Daniel Watson, (2012), wiggle [black uniball eye fineliner, on cartidge paper ]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 12].

Daniel Watson, (2012), wiggle head [black uni-ball fineliner on cartidge paper]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 12].

Daniel Watson, (2012), Design for Baptists and Bootleggers compilation inlay [black uni-ball fineliner on cartridge paper]. Available at: [Accessed 11 January 12].



Props to ex interactive arts James Moffat and current interactive artist Callum Higgins for creating such a mint opertunity for visual and sound artists.They gave me the chance to produce an illustration to be given away on the launch night of their first release.The last image is the idea i settled on, losely based on a quote from Dante Alighieri's Devine comedy "New torments and new tormented souls I see around me wherever I move, and howsoever I turn, and wherever I gaze.")


They are a new independent non-profit record label and publishers of art and literature.Big things to come from these lads.

Thursday 9th February 2012 -ISLINGTON MILL -FREE ENTRY
//Go Lebanon//
Go Lebanon is an ever changing collective of musicians who like playing very loudly and don't worry too much about who they sound like.

//Borland//The elctronic duo of Ian Breen and Robert Gregg. "Mixing bits of that whole Witch House scene with more typical, Four Tet style influences to create something that is much better than most of the acts hyped on every other blog." - Drowned In Sound

//Veí//Veí is the alias of multi-instrumentalist, producer and former 'Kin' keyboardist Jonn Dean. Veí's sound is awash with samples of orchestral and world instruments mixed with complex percussion and lo-fi beats

With Baptists & Bootleggers DJs and Mind On Fire DJs
This will also be your first chance to get your hands on a copy of the labels debut release for FREE!!!