Sunday, 26 December 2010


christmas drawing: green and red felt tip


Thank you to everyone who came to the opening last night!
It was a overwhelming success !
If wasn't for you dedicated people who braved the cold and treachery I don't think we could of pulled it off. The room was a hub of activity ideas were swapped, music was heavy people were rad and that’s what we like to see.

Although we only have the space till the 3rd of January it should prove to be an amazing experience. The events we've got oozing out of the pipeline are going to be unmissable. So please get involved, get in touch.

We aspire to make a community atmosphere; that everyone feels part of and feels comfortable contributing too. I am in debt to all the people who came for wine and a good time that got roped into helping getting the space ready. I feel honoured that I can call you all friends.

love DAN


I can't beleive we even got a apearance from the amazing gurella artist donny, reaking post-post-modern havoc in the arts world were ever he or she goes.

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photos curtosy of Alice Baldwin

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

2nd Year Devastation


Original idea was to start working with the amazing Alice Baldwin in tactile way...
I cordined off a space in Cavendish to develop an instalation for the second year exhibition.I had to present my ideas behind it in a 15 minuete presentation.Knowing that i'm shite at speeking i put the ideas behind it in a dialogue that i had playing.It went
'Arrangements of objects, given space,can claim to be refered to as instalation.
The objects been given meaning by placement.
The space itself becoming the focus .
Individual objects, in their designated space are there to be regarded and pondered over.
Only in holistic way
The bigger picture is the enviroment .
A thought that you may occupy, an action that has a symbiotic reaction.
An emotion to atribute too.May it be large or small, the constructs of which only exist with a person inhabiting said enviroment.
Without human discourse the idea ceases to exist and the space becomes just a space.
Once again dormant.'

It got turned down whilst i was speaking and then i was told that you couldn't hear what i was saying.As much as i couldn't get my point across and i never can.It seemed like what ever i was saying wasn't important.Fer enough it wasn't but the questions i was then asked by my tutors seemed as though i hadn't been speaking at all.I attributed the measurments of the space 6 by 8ft to the sound.So the sound span round the space at the same speed as the hanging mobiles.Making a cycle every 4.7 seconds.The sound peice defined the objects by the dialogue playing and the way it played emualted the objects in it.