Sunday, 26 December 2010


christmas drawing: green and red felt tip


Thank you to everyone who came to the opening last night!
It was a overwhelming success !
If wasn't for you dedicated people who braved the cold and treachery I don't think we could of pulled it off. The room was a hub of activity ideas were swapped, music was heavy people were rad and that’s what we like to see.

Although we only have the space till the 3rd of January it should prove to be an amazing experience. The events we've got oozing out of the pipeline are going to be unmissable. So please get involved, get in touch.

We aspire to make a community atmosphere; that everyone feels part of and feels comfortable contributing too. I am in debt to all the people who came for wine and a good time that got roped into helping getting the space ready. I feel honoured that I can call you all friends.

love DAN


I can't beleive we even got a apearance from the amazing gurella artist donny, reaking post-post-modern havoc in the arts world were ever he or she goes.

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photos curtosy of Alice Baldwin

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Monday, 6 December 2010

2nd Year Devastation


Original idea was to start working with the amazing Alice Baldwin in tactile way...
I cordined off a space in Cavendish to develop an instalation for the second year exhibition.I had to present my ideas behind it in a 15 minuete presentation.Knowing that i'm shite at speeking i put the ideas behind it in a dialogue that i had playing.It went
'Arrangements of objects, given space,can claim to be refered to as instalation.
The objects been given meaning by placement.
The space itself becoming the focus .
Individual objects, in their designated space are there to be regarded and pondered over.
Only in holistic way
The bigger picture is the enviroment .
A thought that you may occupy, an action that has a symbiotic reaction.
An emotion to atribute too.May it be large or small, the constructs of which only exist with a person inhabiting said enviroment.
Without human discourse the idea ceases to exist and the space becomes just a space.
Once again dormant.'

It got turned down whilst i was speaking and then i was told that you couldn't hear what i was saying.As much as i couldn't get my point across and i never can.It seemed like what ever i was saying wasn't important.Fer enough it wasn't but the questions i was then asked by my tutors seemed as though i hadn't been speaking at all.I attributed the measurments of the space 6 by 8ft to the sound.So the sound span round the space at the same speed as the hanging mobiles.Making a cycle every 4.7 seconds.The sound peice defined the objects by the dialogue playing and the way it played emualted the objects in it.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


As part of the Free For Arts Festival the amzing James Moffat put on MUTE a night full of perfomances of many varieties.This is the footage tell me what you think if you think ewt.

Old post that i forgot about written just after soup kitchen.......

So much mint stuff happened this week, the city was a throbbing with culture and art juiceies.With both the Abandon Normal Devices Festival and the Free For Arts festival running simultaneously it was a week to be reckoned with. Free For Arts so the return of the Sydney Street picture box run by the great Alice Baldwin, something I well wanted to get involved in but actually couldn’t move that night for a terrible man flu had took hold. Plus I couldn’t get my video ready in time. I plan to have it in the link as soon as it’s up and running. That very day I was meant to be driving home to get material because I was meant to be performing the night after at Soup Kitchen for MUTE ran by the great James Moffat.I didn’t go home and through fear of feeling like a total pussy I played a shorter set of new material. I was feeling apprehensive but the num grogginess helped my nerves loads. I ended up deciding to just do three peices.Trees, hands and doyleys, I’ve still yet to see the video. James put together a compilation of all the performers involved in it tats really good.
Interesting, some guy had made a sonic version of the hydron collider and preceded to present his findings in a formal way.Wich was a nice breather of what could have been taken to those wondering from the busy street outside as the most tremendous show of pretence ever. With rowdy revellers thumping down stairs to find a group of people in the dark watching two people scratch pottery balloons for half an hour. Ed Butler did a mind-blowing performance that was a cross between a sound collage to a film and a crazed working men club singer .It kind of reminded me of that amazing seen from Little Voice were Michael Cane gets up on stage to sing ‘its over’ whilst weeping. Amazingly powerful vocals almost Tom Waits-esque.

Shrink was bizarre when I first heard about it as an email from a friend from a foundation Feonna Hadcroft .I didn’t know how many people off my course were involved in it .The setting for this piece orchestrated by international artist Lawrence Malstaf.Those taking part are trapped between two sheets of plastic while air is gradually sucked out, leaving them breathing through a tube. The idea was to get people to consider both protection and the threat to survival and that it did seeing my friend in such a fragile state was frightening ever since your little you get told not to play around with plastic bags let alone get in a massive one.
tv coverage :
photos :

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Been helping out down at Islington Mill at one 69 a studio
Its screen printing studio thats mint check it out.We've been working on setting up a shop ore christmas called GROTTO.
GROTTO is a pop-up artists' shop in the Northern Quarter. Pop in to get the best unique Christmas presents! From cards and wrapping paper to paintings, prints and sculptures. With prices from 50p to £1300 we have something for everyone!Its in the old mooch gallery 88 oldham street just past 3 quid or less shop.We made some flags and took em down to the switching on of the christmas lights people kept complaining they couldn't see the fireworks.Fireworks are shit and the flag wasn't even a metre across.Get a grip.The advertising was pretty effective people came in saying theyd seen us and wanted to know what it were about.I'm selling christmas cards and luxury crackers for all your twee needs.Its gonna have live printing and bands on more to come soon...

photos curtosy of like it gwan

Sunday, 17 October 2010


Speant the evening making cardboard robots with tom.


Thursday, 29 July 2010


choppin wood's first 5 track demo facial business, we should be selling em at shows for 2 quid.

Chopping Wood from sean lyness on Vimeo.

video by sean malachy

Friday, 16 July 2010


Courtesy of

'Matthew Britton'

I said, when the lady in the bubble asked me my name. I was stood at the box office hurriedly trying to think of something convincing to say, over thought it and confused myself in to a stuttering mess. The lady in booth shuffled then stared blankly at me.Oh 'Daniel Watson' I said with a smile 'he's comin later on’. Handed to me was freedom in the form of a ticket. I walked up the stairs of the Academy on to second floor. What greeted me was the nostalgic smell of sweat that I haven’t smelt in a long a while. I haven’t been to any metal gigs in ages, haven’t been put off by how shit and unoriginal it was getting. Why did I ever lose the faith the first band Kvelertak came over a bit like try hards with having synchronized mosh parts between beatdowns.After listening to their recordings you can see why, there a party band. To use that in its broadest sense and a mint one at that, with mint little blast bits in that Andrew W.K would sneer at and wonder why he’s more like a party pussy.The clarity of what was going on live was a different story, it was just like a wall of constant intelligible sound were you could get a glimpse of what was going on stage. Sound men that can't be bothered to do their jobs are an oily cog in a once gleaming machine. From what I could make out live they are a conglomeration of bands like cancer bats that really capitalized on the whole drinking, blues riffs, partying idea and removed smoking weed and monging.However its done it always seems to feel like its missing something for me and I could never be posi about it. Gaza hadn't been on the stage five minutes until the lead singer said something stupid about how they had ...'George Bush '; we had Tony Blair to try identify us in some way. Maybe he wasn't aware that it isn't something that is going to make motivate movement in an English crowd. With a name like Gaza I just expected a little more depth not something that would dribble out the mouth of a socialist worker supporter. Still there brand of grind core with open chugged stompy bits managed to keep my intention but I was left feeling disappointed throughout. A lot of people had come to watch Kylesa there one of those bands with very little stage presence. For what they lacked in charisma they made for in weight. In the words friend 'they were heavvvvy....’With two drummers and dominating riffage they played a barrage of intensity. It wasn't till a drum solo that strayed into popular song scapegoat that got them the full attention of the crowd. They were easily the best band of the night. When Converge finally arrived on stage opening with concubine. An odd choice considering they were playing songs off Jane Dow (an album) that gave them a whole lot of fans that this glad clearly lacked. It was surprising turn out of long hair and beards instead of fringes and flat peeks. More generalising can be said when describing Converge's repertoire they are a band that span genres, do it well and have been doing for over 20 years. It’s hard to not appreciate there ability to knock out albums and dictate the style in which metal and hardcore are going before any other band do. These veterans of innovation don't just give us studio perfection. They still go nuts like a band 3 quarters a band there age. With Jacob Brannon stomping people out stood at floor height to his weighty hoof. He repeatedly lashed out at the crowd grabbing at him continually kicking people in the head. He lost his anorak at one point, kicked some more people then it floated back on stage. I was a bit disappointed they dint play 'saddest day' but hits from No Heroes and You Fail Me (both albums) were a plenty. After the show, stood outside letting it all sink in. There was a man selling fake Converge merch.The prices went down from '5 pound an item' to 'five pound for any three items’. No one bought anything they looked so cheap and purely printed, still my mate managed to fish them out of the bin. That’s why I'm sat here now in my free bright orange fake converge t-shirt feeling mint. Thanks Mathew Britton and Ric Long,

Saturday, 10 July 2010