Sunday, 28 October 2012

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Free Wall at Chorlton 'Super Snail'  image by Skeen 

Scabby face

A long time it has been since my last post.The amazing anti-climax of finishing my degree, the absence of any employment, combined with the internet been cut off has really halted me from been present in posting stuff.I struggle been 'one of den guys' who uses his laptop at a cafe and probably always will.So now as i sit in my parents house and use there internet without shame.I'll try and think why am here and how privileged and happy I am to be alive. Last thursday i arrived at Odder bar before it opened.I'd started a flying job the week before.It pays a pittance but its cash in hand and you get to flirt with people all day. I gauped, as many did at the BBC building been torn down by mandible jaws.Stripped from the inside out by a man operated monster.Its so engrossing to watch destruction. The fragile balance between what is considered permanent and finite inter-weaving rapidly kept people stood there all day.Talking Head's 'Once in a life time' was playing over the p.a ' Same as it ever was.. same as it ever was..'I've always enjoyed that line its something that repeats and repeats in my head a lot.David Byrne always contradicts himself in his songs it keeps things in perspective.'In the future' is good for this too.As i sat there, i can remember vividly the overwhelming feeling of content.Thinking that my life is well worth living and how i should enjoy it more.
There are two things that could of happened.I could of just lost control and my front tyre popped from the impact of me landing on top of it.Or the preferred version that keeps my masculinity intact, is that I had a blowout lost control couldn't get my feet of my straps in time. Ultimately though the outcome was the same.I went or'e the bars and bit the road with my teeth.I lost my front top tooth and made the other one into a razor sharp, paper thin stub. Luckily i must of ripped out the nerve on impact so it didn't feel to shit straight away. The scab that was and is my face, is a big scab that went down from my nose across my lips stopping briefly at my mouth and then connecting again on my chin.Like Brundell Fly Im keeping tabs on the bits of my face that are falling off.Each day a piece moves or flakes off, like the breaking up of Pangea to form the separate conjealed continents.My friend Sam sugested that I should use the pieces to make a collage of scabs depicting my own face.I think I'm going to do that. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL