Tuesday, 11 May 2010


First year exhibition
My freind Connel linked me to a lecture on TED by a software developer called Blaise Aguera y Arcas .Its well worth a look at, hes developed a program that works with images in a lateral way, allowing you to view multiple images at once.The program works on the principle that you can only have a certain amount of on scren at any one time.Allowing you to move through a seemlessly through images wich are linked through meta-data.What it also allows you to do is move around enviroments spacially,via David Hockney style joiners.Giving a 3D experience to 2D platform.What I found particularly interesting about Arcas's talk was the way he demonstrated moving through images into othr ones linked to it.At one point he moved from a photograph uploaded from a phone with a poster of Notredam cathedral in the back ground , to one from a different user taken on a digital camera of the actual building self.Then he preceded to move around the building spacially with the collection of different photos.The idea that you can move through different images in different from different times really struck me.I wanted to play with the idea abit before i started anything concrete.These are my reults... http://photosynth.net/search.aspx?q=defectiveobjective

the basic idea: i wanted to be able to move through at least 3 different spaces in time, while the objects in the photographs could still syncronize together.After maticulously photographing my room, i chose one image of window to use.I then transfered this image to acetate, then put it on a projector in the studio.Then maticulously took loads of photos of the projector switched on; then tranfered that to acetate.I then projected the image of the projector projecting from the second step and again photographed that.After about 5 hours waiting for all the images to be uploaded to the photosynth website it turned out it was always '70% synthy' which means it doesn't work aswell as I'd hoped as 3d platform.I later learnt that its because many of the things i photographed lacked texture and thats what the program needs to glue different images together.Wich makes sense its not magic.The things i was taking pictures of; the wall and the window because of there flat surfaces stopped my project from working completely.Still i'm quiete happy with the results just because its spared me on for a new idea.

SUMMARY: projected a photo of my room, took a photo of the projector,and then projected that image

the new idea: i now want to get more people involved.This program has great potential for interactive sculpture in as such it content can be coupled together from different users and made into enviroments.What i would like to do is collaborate on an instalation that only exists complete in virtual form.Parts of it would exist in reality made by different people, in different places and as a given in different times.I'm still toying round with ideas on how this is going to be acheivable and Iam looking for more imput, on how these imags can be glued together.Input of any kind would be a banging.

Sunday, 2 May 2010


These are some recent drawings from the bunker, experimenting with scale, there alot bigger than i'd usually draw faces.


1-5 are felt tip and ink.This bottom one is a photo of the television from home at my parents house.Kind of looks like a face if you beleive if your that way inclined .Ive been thinking about a lecture we had a few fridays back alot. A man called John Hiyatt told a story of how he saw a UFO over the Grane Road, which is a bout five minuetes.Amongst other crazy stuff he was talking about natural forms in everything been related.Hes got an exhibition on at the link gallery hes a modern mystic with ideas that would make William James piddle his pants his audio work is very interesting too http://www.myspace.com/thethreejohns