Thursday, 31 March 2011

People Power

I went with Unison and coach full of nurses to protest the stupidity of the austerity cuts. This a stopmotion my Mum sent me?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

// AV Cube //

// AV Cube //

I got asked by James Moffat to contribute to this performance, had a rehersal the other day its sounding promising

// //
// A one-night-only exhibition and sound presentation curated by Helen Collett & James Moffat //

// Thursday 31st March 2011 / 6 - 10pm / Islington Mill //
...// Bar open 'til midnight! //

// As part of the Say Something Series // //

AV cube is a collaborative visual exhibition and audio presentation that takes on the different definitions of art space as its starting point. Adhering to as well as breaking the rules generally imposed on the different mediums’ methods of display, the curators interpret the separate audio and visual cubes to create one whole: the AV Cube.

// 1st Floor Project Space // 6 - 8pm // Visual Cube //
// with complimentary wine! //

Visual cube is an active experiment where the curator becomes artist in their interpretation of the art cube of display as a cube conference. The installation will act as an institutionalised white cube playground in an ironic reflection of the seriousness of art theory’s still prevalent obsession with the ‘White Cube’. The audience will be made hyper-aware of their own interaction or non-interaction with the submersive white cubes that they will be surrounded by in the physical and virtual game of contemporary art’s white cube.

Featuring work by Helen Collett /

// Club Space // 8 - 10pm // Audio Cube //

Audio Cube is a performance piece based on the use of Quadraphonic, 4.0 Surround Sound in which 4 performers located around the room will each play a short solo work, followed by a 4 way improvisation/collaboration.

Featuring work by Chris Anderson / Callum Higgins / James Moffat / Dan Watson


I had a wood work iduction, somehow managed to make this spool thing for animation made from reciept roll.Its a bit like a minature bog roll holder.It is practically a mobile animation sweet.I cleared some space in my pig stye.My plan is to make a stop motion of the drawing process like in the previous post. Then make a spool into a loop like a tape player that can be veiwed kinetically as a constant flow.I'm interested in how processing the image through animation is going to change the movement.

photos by lucy jackson



After last weeks severe tummy bug couldn't have come at a worst time.Feeling confident about my practice and taking your ass for a piss over 20 times a day don't mix.So you can imagine my frustration having take a week out of doing anything other than going to the toilet.For the first time in my university career I actually desire to attend Univerisity.I don't know whether i became ill from skipping dirty food or just been generally run down.Either way it knocked me and my diabetes for six.

I finally finished the first A1 drawing.Even though its a bit short of A1 i have learnt some valuable lessons about producing work like this.Given that the level of over anialisation of strokes you can become bogged down.This is effected in your drawing almost stopping the natural flow.Its quiete nerving knowing that one stroke in the wrong direction can make the hole movement void.This pressure does nothing but increase the more strokes you make.I often found my hand more shakey than usual towards the end.To wich the drawing given the detail your putting into it can become consuming and controlling.

Thus destroying hours of work.Its important in this instance to work quickly.Setting up systems of practises like timed drawing.Then there is less chance of the negative outcome of a piece seeming ruined.Thus not allowing much room for egos to be bruised and morned over.

Its also better to not pre plan the drawing and for it to be a barely concious set of decisions.Viewing the construced piece as growing organism allows me to study times were i have managed to keep fluidity in movement.Beleiving that studying examples of flow are integral to making a piece become a larger organism.

This is my new space that i have comendiered, squeezing my way into Laura's and Alices space.I have been made most welcome.Its mint we draw, we chill,we draw.