Tuesday, 16 February 2010


The third year talk was dead insightful, exhibitions at Moonfish on 25th Feb, projections at Sand Bar
a 24 hour sonic improv performance at islington mill on 24th April see
loads of other artists exhibiting too.He talked a great deal about long sound pieces that are continual like this sonic sculpture in Kent.The hole is a 7 meter deep, 2.4 meter diameter shaft, constructed from concrete rings. The bottom 2 meters are waterproofed to allow a pool to form.The sculpture relise heavily on water flow, so there is a pond on the surface that acts as a reservoir.The water flows through a grates and into the hole and the sound is amplified by a steel trumpet.'If you look carefully through the slits in the cover in some places you can see a wire mesh. Below the mesh are trays of gravel that break up the flow and cause drips to form in an unpredictable manner.If you sprinkle water from a bottle onto these areas you’ll hear an initial flurry of sound followed by a period of more measured and melodic music.
Its in Kingswood near Challock which is ten minutes away from my Aunty Fi's house.I'm gonna visit in Summer.

The idea of the permanent sound reminds me of a blog i stumbled up on ages ago on 'Stone Tape Theory on Language Log by Benjamin Zimmer.Something that largely been disproved by the scientific community, its origins lay in Charles Babbage's Ninth Bridgewater Treatise written in 1832 and his theories into the memory of molecules around us, giving permanence to every sound.It is also very strangely linked to 'video killed the radio star' by The Buggles the first video ever shown on MTV and also been credited as a explanation for ghostly aparitions.


(image from teen wolf)

Monday, 1 February 2010

Michael Howard, not Michael Howard and Wittgenstein

Michael Howard the lecturer came to monday meeting.He started talking about going to Glossup to celebrate the life of philospher Wittgenstein he mentioned his tractatus 'The World is all that it is' and concerning colour (see reddish green),

the history of the world in objects 

starting my life as a doppelganger late

This post will be updated almost constantly as i back catalogue from september upto now.

I moved into broomhusrt halls in didsbury, its like living in a playground theres all ways a new episode to do with faeces every week.I met some good people non- the less thank god there not kids shitting in pizza boxes who loved school so much they want to train to be a teacher.I moved to Mancester to persue sound but instead i started persuing other things.I soon ran out of money and began to draw queit a bit.

These images taken from the Miracle of Child birth a book that i stole whilst not aware of it from my friend Jack.Since he'd moved to London and i didnt have enough money for the post. I thought i'd bastardise his idea to do illustrations from them.At this point i was trying everything to procrastinate on the project i had been set by my course to produce something to do with the subject of 'food'.My choice to buy a square sketchbook stunted my scanning the stripes of grey and colour arn't deliberate but they do look good with them.The development in these drawings manifested itself in a flyer for hello bastards club an experimental music promoter from preston

force -fed
After much much deliberation and biding my time i started to force myself to look at food.The creative wall i came across was as i later found out one i built.I experimented into recording the canteen at Didsbury campus at this point however i had little patience and after a few false starts i gave up.Weeks past and i was hardley going into university at all because i'd managed my finances extremley poorly, i speant most of my time trying to find part time work so i could afford the pass to get to the studio.Daft daft daft.

I eventually decided to look at old lecture notesd remembering a thing Hazel said about teaching creativity.This was a real last straw to generate work as i never take on board anything anyone who has my best interests at heart. As much as i thought at the time that lectures were non sensicle they were best bit of sense i'd recieved all year.