Wednesday, 6 March 2013


                                   New song of the band that I'm playing drums in OLD SKIN
Thanks to Joe from No studio, Dom from V Rev, Olivcr from Church Of Fuck and  Lawrence for the sweet logo. Can't wait to gig with this band, were playing our first show atBay Horse in Northern Quarter   April 11TH with Razoreater/ Iced Out/ Corrupt Moral Altar.Click the above link to download the track.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Backwards Mermaid

Images of  large character piece -  in emulsion and spray paint  at Chorlton free wall  on the afternoon Saturday 23rd. Or as its affectionately known the 'shit muncher'.Its an image of Dog-man fucking a backwards mermaid whilst on its i-phone.I can't explain what motivated me to do it other than i need the practice of painting.I try to not think to much about what to paint and just start. Thinking about what you make before you make is daft, Jon Cage will tell you that. Backwards mermaids however are a recurring thought in my head.It'd be grand if legends, cartoons and  disney films pictured a fish's top half and female humans lower body.