Monday, 6 December 2010

2nd Year Devastation


Original idea was to start working with the amazing Alice Baldwin in tactile way...
I cordined off a space in Cavendish to develop an instalation for the second year exhibition.I had to present my ideas behind it in a 15 minuete presentation.Knowing that i'm shite at speeking i put the ideas behind it in a dialogue that i had playing.It went
'Arrangements of objects, given space,can claim to be refered to as instalation.
The objects been given meaning by placement.
The space itself becoming the focus .
Individual objects, in their designated space are there to be regarded and pondered over.
Only in holistic way
The bigger picture is the enviroment .
A thought that you may occupy, an action that has a symbiotic reaction.
An emotion to atribute too.May it be large or small, the constructs of which only exist with a person inhabiting said enviroment.
Without human discourse the idea ceases to exist and the space becomes just a space.
Once again dormant.'

It got turned down whilst i was speaking and then i was told that you couldn't hear what i was saying.As much as i couldn't get my point across and i never can.It seemed like what ever i was saying wasn't important.Fer enough it wasn't but the questions i was then asked by my tutors seemed as though i hadn't been speaking at all.I attributed the measurments of the space 6 by 8ft to the sound.So the sound span round the space at the same speed as the hanging mobiles.Making a cycle every 4.7 seconds.The sound peice defined the objects by the dialogue playing and the way it played emualted the objects in it.

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