Monday, 1 February 2010

starting my life as a doppelganger late

This post will be updated almost constantly as i back catalogue from september upto now.

I moved into broomhusrt halls in didsbury, its like living in a playground theres all ways a new episode to do with faeces every week.I met some good people non- the less thank god there not kids shitting in pizza boxes who loved school so much they want to train to be a teacher.I moved to Mancester to persue sound but instead i started persuing other things.I soon ran out of money and began to draw queit a bit.

These images taken from the Miracle of Child birth a book that i stole whilst not aware of it from my friend Jack.Since he'd moved to London and i didnt have enough money for the post. I thought i'd bastardise his idea to do illustrations from them.At this point i was trying everything to procrastinate on the project i had been set by my course to produce something to do with the subject of 'food'.My choice to buy a square sketchbook stunted my scanning the stripes of grey and colour arn't deliberate but they do look good with them.The development in these drawings manifested itself in a flyer for hello bastards club an experimental music promoter from preston

force -fed
After much much deliberation and biding my time i started to force myself to look at food.The creative wall i came across was as i later found out one i built.I experimented into recording the canteen at Didsbury campus at this point however i had little patience and after a few false starts i gave up.Weeks past and i was hardley going into university at all because i'd managed my finances extremley poorly, i speant most of my time trying to find part time work so i could afford the pass to get to the studio.Daft daft daft.

I eventually decided to look at old lecture notesd remembering a thing Hazel said about teaching creativity.This was a real last straw to generate work as i never take on board anything anyone who has my best interests at heart. As much as i thought at the time that lectures were non sensicle they were best bit of sense i'd recieved all year.


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