Thursday, 17 June 2010


This was originally from a message to joanna when she asked how was tour, i wrote a review

We played the u.k first with BAYS who were fucking mint everynight.Sheffield was mint, played outside, our bass players brother cut his head open whilst he was playing with his band.We stopped outside at a service station and cooked meat.Played a sweet show in Kingston,said goodbye to Bays, stayed at this kind girls house made her room smell like everyones feet, got up to early for the ferry but got a earlier one.We drove straight to belgiam the show looked like it was gonna suck, and hardly anyone came but the people who were there were ace.The drummer from lanlocked got drunk for the first time ever he was trousered.The next day we went to Lille me and a the bassist got lost for hours and we ran out of weed.A dead sound guy put us up who couldnt speak a word of english.Only one of us could speak fench but he fed us weed, coffee and biscuits.We got showers aswell so good!!We then drove to willebrook, we got there well early and invented a stupid game called ouchwitz that occupied us for abit.Then we played wembely singles its a soccer game were you just play to score for yourself.The americans were shite at it.That night we stopped in the venue, we found the merits of douval .We had a lengthly debate about whether we should stop in holland at a coffee shop.Some of us are straight edge so they couldnt really see the point to go to a city out of the way to buy weed, which is understandable.Then some one suggested we go to Antwerp which was on the way.Since the gig in Aschaffenberg was cancelled we had a day off to drive most of the way to poland.Next day we went our singer past after been there 20 mins.The people were so nice there we then decided to form a band called The Kings of Chill and move to Holland, is gonna be the best band ever.We bought so much weed.We called in at Hanover for tea, so two japenese girls fight whilst i ate my burger.On the way out we had an argument were we should sleep.We decided since the last night outside without tents was so good we should do it again.We drove to phil got tired and stopped near a train crossing in the middle of a forrest in Bradenburg, we saw the biggest ant hill ever decded to move were we were sleeping further away.Me Parky and Ric speant ages making a fire out of damp wood.Smoked this party spliff that we got from the coffee shop and pazzed.All night before i went to sleep i could here mosquitoes buzzin round my head.We all zipped up so we just ha air holes.I got bit on the face six times, parky got bit on the lip, an ric got bit on hi face but they dint show up on his ginger skin.We got woke up to rain it was miserable.Wet we started driving to Poznan.Which was so pozzie, we drove for hours and hours and all we saw were 24 hour night clubs (whore houses) and novelty garden furniture shops at the side of the road.When we got to city it was totally different they had this cool currency that made you super rich, cause everything was so cheap.The show was mental loads of kids were there and thee were stage dives and other mint hardcore stuff.This mentally handicapped filmed our set and pretended to sing all our songs even the ones we havnt recorded.We travelled to leibzig the next day and played a squat.You walked through a dark apartment block to tiled garden were we played in a weird stone building.Everything was propper uneven and it was really hard to walk around.It was packed and people were singing our songs and throwing confety, so weird.We got stupid high that night and smoked nearly all da weed we bought a day previous.We played Augsberg the next day and the promoter put us on shit loads of vegan burgers that were actually really good.I ate 5, he put us up too and give us pop to drink.He played us some really mint band one called I not Dance which are well worth checking out. He fed us in the morning to propper nice guy.He then went to watch us at the next show in Ulm.We got really drunk as it was the last night and were stopping in the venue the higlights were: wathcing the american lads who'd hardly drunk before rage to slipknot like they were 13 again.Phil smashing his knee after slipping on some spilt beer on the pogo stick.His knee then swelling up into a big angry ball.Ric nearly punching me for annoying him.Watching phil and ric passed out .Getting beat at a game of skate off a guy who drove 350 kilometers to watch us.Putting Danny Pegg on the p.a when everyone was trying to sleep.The next day we packed up and drove to Aschaffenburg were we were meant to be playing Together at a five a side game of football.Non of us could be assed accept phil whos knee looked like it was dislocated.We had a massive meal and set of for the ferry at Calle.And non of us got layed can you beleive that.

photos from phil, nate and michael

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