Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Obeah Man


"I came down on a lightning bolt
Nine months in my Mama's belly.
When I was born, the midwife scream and shout,
I had fire crystals coming out of my mouth.
I'm Exuma, I'm the Obeah Man!"

EXUMA is an island in the Bahamas, and it is also the title given to music made by Tony Mckinny.Exuma represents an entity in itself.Given that his name is a place he has tried to encompass cultural understanding in the place in eclectic sense.He presents the story of the struggling artist or creator.Coupled with the idea that this self professed 'Obeah' has mystical forms that he moves through on the album.The track, "Séance in the Sixth Fret," is exactly that; a séance were he calls out the names of three deceased people.The response comes back in synthasized sound constructed or not.He paints a very pretty piture of a modern mystic.

While "Black Mass" is a more lucid track were playing is loose and words are more like prose.It represents well concepts of concious detachmeant from reality that listener is invited to enquire into.The words are mostly prose relfecting conflict in Haitian influenced Voodoo :creation,physical and metaphyisical life and death

DOWNLOADDAOLNWOD : EXUMA I audio curtosy of http://tigersoflove.blogspot.com

These prints were conjured via the influence of the track 'Obeah Man'

Clayton. J ,Watson .D 2011 "Obeah Man"{Fine Liner on canvas board,additions made by fine liner tracing paper}

Clayton. J ,Watson .D 2011 "Obeah Man"{Screenprint on grey paper}

Clayton. J ,Watson .D 2011 "Obeah Man"{Screenprint on black cloth}

I'll never make this mistake again.I set up the screen without thinking and flooded the screen with white without any medium to loosen it up.It dried up very very quickly and thus i have this half printed black cloth.There are some bits like the stone work on the left that turned out really sharp.Given the looseness the quality of the fabric visually its sort of made the bleed more distinive and grany wich really works well with the image more patches to come .

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