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This was drawn over the Vernal Equinox (wich signals the British spring time).This is an important time and is recognized by most religions.In the past and the present this time has been represented with the new life that comes with the change in seasons.Heirs,eggs, lambs and lets not forget the death and re-birth of Christ in Masoniac traditions.The celebration of passover in Judaism.In the pagan calender it is also a very prominent festivalThe Pagan goddess of spring and renewal is called Oestar, from the Scandinavian "Ostra"and the Teutonic "Ostern"or"Eastre" who were both Goddesses symbolizing spring and fertility. These goddesses were honoured on the vernal or spring equinox.The Phoenicians called her Astarte. The Assyrians and Babylonians called her Ishtar which is pronounced just as the Enlish word "Easter".
And in Europe she was known as Ostrara.

When looking at what may of motivated the shape of this drawing.I considered the moon.The vernal equinox also heralds in the changing of a new moon.Whilst cycling home one night.I think it was on the Friday that Uni was locked up, I looked up at the moon at this point it was at crecent.I was mulling over the idea as i looked at it.Possibly the reason why I was so anctious and not knowing whether I was coming or going, was possibly seasonal.Thinking that i could be subject to the same sturings that are aroused in nature in spring, i slept on it.The next day it was clear as I walked out in to Chorlton high street and also in town.The moon and the change in seasons have a profound effect on people.I noticed everyones behaviour was irratic, it was absolute murder cycling on the roads, cars just pulling out all over the place.

The new moon came on the 6th April and its as though there is a re-sumed calm to the world.

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