Thursday, 12 April 2012

Narcissist On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

I got ask by a friend James Clayton to draw something for his tape release. He performs and writes music under the name of Crywank. I met him when I was in my first year of university, .I knew no one in Manchester then. The place were James lived 'Da Bunker' became a home for me as It did for many people. I loathed halls and its cellular existence. II praise the grim comfort of mong bed the desperate finiteness of pizza narnia. Thee place never really slept nor saw the light of the day. I gained a lot of firm friendships from been there and meeting the people passing through.

His second album to which these two drawings were made “Narcissist on the Verge of Mental Breakdown” covers some vast topics. Its much more intrinsic than his last album. For me in many ways better. Its not just his ability to write well crafted songs but his intellect too that really shines through on these recordings. His music is reminiscent of the evil twin of Charley Manson, accept from if he wasn't evil just plain rad.

He says about it ... “ Most of the songs are about coping with and de-constructing my sadness, some are about odd things that happened in my past, and others are just about people and scenes. They where mostly fuelled by stupid dark thoughts, and through song writing I’ve tried to get past them.”

LOANDOAD his album for free
LOANDOAD his album for free

These two drawings were done with 0.05- 0.3 fine liners.The first was just an idea i didn't like.I just really like the compesition.The second drawing was the one i speant alot of time with.I'm happy with the detail thers dogs, demons,dicks, naked ladies naked men,mandallas swelling forms etc.I like how informed it appears to be whilst i have little knowledge of what has made up the content until looking back later.Like for instance i don't remember drawing a little seagull, i don't know why i would.Its there and there it will stay if no one else sees it, it won't matter.

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