Monday, 3 December 2012


A few frames from my current animation .Unfortunately its not the entirety of the image.For idea of the whole image see previous post.I want it to appear like a mandala of flesh writhing an wriggling around is my intention.I thought it would be appropriate bit of animation for my new band 'OLD SKIN' we've got a song called 'Growth - Decay' which is available for free to DOWNLOAD from this website website layout done by Dom from Esoteric Youth & V-Revolution  associates. As a band were going for things we apreciate from  powerviolence, grind and straight up riff worship.Nothing you haven't heard before just lowsy lowsy noise.The lyrics cover the cyclical nature of the existence, the impact of humanities existence on the globe, and how the Gaia or something like it will cull our wretched species . The song is only a minute or so long so its almost perfect for a short bit of animation.I wanna get 24 frames per second but its gonna be tough but so worth it in the end.I've got ten frames down already it should be something for the winter months.If anyone has any ideas of what features to include in this mammoth task as i will need quiete a few i would love to hear from you.
                                            maker gif

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